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Member Rules of Conduct
General information about this site.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:34 am
Post subject: Member Rules of Conduct


1. No profanity. Remember that people of all ages will read and post here. Inappropriate topics and sexual innuendo has its place and time - and since this site is a professionally orientated site - it is likely that the right place is not here.

2. Please try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling when posting. This is a globally accessible site, so please understand that if English is not their first language, that they may be struggling since English is such a difficult language to master. Please stay away from l33+ speak, chatspeak and poor English. Take a minute to reread your post before you post it.

3. Give the members here the benefit of the doubt. Text can easily lead to misunderstandings - ask before you get offended if someone meant things the way you took them. Try to see if maybe it could be read another way, and if so, ask for the person to clarify before you jump all over them.

4. NO YELLING. Posting in all capitals is considered by most folks to be yelling. That said, if you have poor eyesight, then please simply adjust the font size on the site by pressing the ALT key and the + key at the same time or holding down the ALT key and scroll with your mouse wheel. (For MACs, use the Command key and the + key) There is NO reason to post anything entirely in caps, so please - keep your caps lock OFF to be courteous to the other members.

5. Use the "Search" function to check for existing topics before creating a duplicate thread. You can search the forums, or the entire site or the gallery. A quick forum search is available by a search link at the top of the forums. You can find that same search and the other searches in the Searches section on the left hand side menu.

6. Please post in the appropriate area. Of course sometimes we all miss, and that's not a big deal as we can easily move the post to the appropriate area, but please try to lessen the work for the moderators here.

7. Stay on topic as much as possible. If you have to be reminded by a moderator to get back on topic and you don't, the thread will close.

8. Do not post just to raise your rankings or your post count. Dredging up old threads for nothing more than a "me too" - is not okay and just clutters up the database. Unless the post is adding new or updated information to an existing topic do not post to an old thread just to say hello or add a smilie or a "me too". We will delete any excess postings that fall under the above description.


1. Treat others with the respect and courtesy that you would want and expect from others.

2. Remember, our members and visitors are of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, education levels and many are from other countries or cultures than the one you live in. So, again, give them the benefit of the doubt before you assume they meant to be insulting or offensive, as the person may not have meant what you had perceived.

3. Threatening and abusive behavior carry a NO TOLERANCE policy. This is a professionally oriented club and forum that is meant to be a PEACEFUL place for us all to learn and share and create in. We also reserve the right, if the situation warrants (ie. death threat, etc.) to contact and cooperate with the appropriate authorities.

4. We frown upon elitism or negativity. We all started at the same place, but we all have our own journeys and paths and choices. We are all at different levels and none are better than another. Please do not mock other members here - even in private, as it lends a negative air that is not wanted or approved of. Maybe ask yourself why you need to belittle someone else's work, techniques, choices or paths if you find the need to be condescending to someone's choices, preferences or what they post.

5. Don't be a part of the problem - be a part of the solution. If you have an issue with someone here - members, moderators, whoever it is - tell them. Find a way to bring it up to them personally and directly, rather than spreading your internal discord to others, and making an existing problem grow and become a BIGGER problem. Be mature. If you find a person treating you in a manner that you do not like, TELL them, by asking them politely to please stop doing whatever it is and explain that it bothers you or makes you feel bad. I can say without a doubt that most (if not all) of the members here - are NICE people. If they knew they were doing something that made someone feel bad, they WOULD feel badly about it, and would stop, as it is likely not their intention.

We are not mind readers after all. FRIENDLY teasing is fine, but remember, teasing can quickly become a negative thing to some people. Things get old, sometimes very quickly. What was fun once can often become a real problem when it's done every single time. This also means that folks need to be mature enough, honest enough, and open enough to tell folks when it's become not funny anymore. That is when you become a part of the solution, when you step up and try to change it back to a positive, rather than wallow in the negative, or worse yet - start to drag others into the negative WITH you, while taking no steps to take accountability enough to come forward and be honest about how something makes you feel. And, no, there is no reason to be rude or nasty about it, as if you do not allow it to fester inside yourself, and draw your line before it's a real issue, you should be able to handle it in a mature and polite manner.

6. If you have any doubt about how you should post, please refer to Rule #1

7. No begging or panhandling - don't ask for donations or freebies - it places members and the staff in a very uncomfortable position of having to say "no thank you". None of us are made of money and many of us are struggling. Be courteous and considerate and don't ask for supplies or free things. Note: this is not the same thing as asking for donations for an event, show, or for the community here in the club.


Do not PM any of the Admins or Moderators about becoming a moderator. This is an earned privilege and we will contact you if we feel you are moderator material. Moderators should NOT be disclosing ANY moderator discussions, if they do, they are breaking the agreement they made to be a mod here.

If you have a problem or concern about the site, contact the moderator of the section in question. If there is no section moderator or if the concern is of a general nature, contact Joe or another moderator.

Please note that we have the support staff in place to help you find the best and easiest ways to do something, although the members here are VERY helpful and will often be happy to share their own knowledge.

This place is meant to be a warm, friendly, honest place. Please leave all your agendas, and past baggage or issues with other people or groups or site at the door - they have nothing at all to do with this site or this club.

Please read the FAQ for Signatures to learn how to make them. Please limit ANY images you use in your signature to this dimensions at the maximum: 525 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. This way it won't be too overwhelming and won't force folks to scroll if they do not view the site fully maximized or use a different resolution than you do.

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.    This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    Printer Friendly Page    Forum Index ›  Basic Info
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